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Shoply Site Overview

Shoply Homepage Mockup
Shoply Resources Mockup
Shoply Contact Mockup

Shoply Prototype - Desktop

Expand this Figma prototype of the desktop site in the top right corner. Within this prototype you can click, scroll, and explore!

Shoply Mobile Mocks

Shoply Prototype - Mobile

Expand this Figma prototype of the mobile site in the top right corner. Within this prototype you can scroll, swipe, click, and explore!

Project Details

After Creating the Shoply Brand Identity (read about that project here), I was tasked with designing the advertiser website (B2B), including home page, resources page, blog pages, and contact page. This project began with some brief user research, as the users in this case are advertisers who we hope will use our platform to reach consumers. The conclusion was a need to show how Shoply can be the link between an advertiser’s products and shoppers. Next we created a site map, sketched a wireframe with approved content, designed mocks of the intended animation using principle, and then designed high fidelity mocks in both desktop and mobile.

This was truly a concept-to-completion role. After completing initial rounds of the design, I created prototypes of this site in Invision (scroll to the bottom of this page to experience the prototypes!) to share with stakeholders. After several ieterations and then approval, I handed off a package to the developers. When the staging site was complete, I also worked on the quality assessment (QA) process, testing the site on multiple devices and providing feedback to the developers until it was ready for launch.

  • Brand The Shoply App
  • Company Prodege, LLC
  • Programs Sketch, Invision, Figma, Avocode, Principle
  • Skills UX/UI, prototyping, UI Animation, developer handoff, QA