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Shoply One Sheet

Shoply One Sheet

Shoply Deck

Shoply Environmental

Shoply Booth for Trade Conferences

This booth was designed for Prodege to showcase & launch it's newest brand, Shoply. The front panel (that has the TV screen) is actually a separate piece and is replaceable, so we can select what we'd like to showcase at each conference we attend. The back side of this panel (mockup included) showcases our marketing opportunities for subscription brands like Blue Apron and Dollar Shave Club.

Shoply Advertiser Video

Our B2B "Shoply" video Introduces our New Receipt Scanning App to potential advertisers. The goal of the video was to show how Shoply can increase revenue and audience engagement for brands, and highlight the differentiators from our competitors. I provided art direction for this project - I created the initial concept, wrote parts of the script, storyboarded the entire video, got approvals from stakeholders, briefed the agency who animated the video, selected the VO talent, and provided rounds of feedback & art direction to the animators.

Project Details

The Task:

Prodege had just introduced a new brand, Shoply, and it had nothing but a logo, so I was responsible for creating a full brand identity and all marketing collateral. Shoply is a receipt scanning solution that drives instore shoppers to grocery, CPG, and retail markets. A challenge in this process was that Shoply was both a consumer and a B2B product – for the consumers it was a shopper rewards app, and for the B2B audience it was an advertiser network for brands, to drive in store sales, move products off shelves, and gather data & insights into shopper behavior. Shoply needed to have an identity tailored to each audience’s needs.

The Solution:

The branding is designed to be playful and modern, while sleek and clean. For users, much of the Shoply experience exists outside the phone – planning their shopping list around deals, physically going to a store, choosing which product to take from the shelf, and the finally using the app the scan their receipt. For this reason, I wanted to focus on showing real products and photos of real people, rather than relying on App interface screenshots. I wanted the brand to feel tangible, approachable, recognizable, and grounded in reality.
To keep the brand look playful and soft, I used overlapping circles and rounded edges. A recognizable element about the new Shoply brand is its unusual treatment of corners – it contrasts sharp corners with rounded ones, often in the same element. I also used a little green dot from the logo that is always on the topmost layer, overlapping other elements – in the consumer app interface, this dot has come to represent the best deals and savings. This is used throughout Shoply designs in all mediums, to draw attention to the most important elements on the page.

The Deliverables:

I created a brand identity from the ground up and designed a comprehensive marketing package across multiple mediums and platforms, including a Website (UX/UI), Marketing Collateral, Sales Decks, conference booth assets (environmental design) & a B2B Promo Video. I also was the art director overseeing the visual aspects of the brand moving forward.

  • Brand The Shoply App
  • Company Prodege, LLC
  • Programs Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Sketch, Invision, Avocode, Principle
  • Skills Art Direction, Branding, Print design, Digital design, Deck Design, Environmental design, Project management