LA 2028 Volunteer Reunion - Event Branding, Invite, & Signage

LA2028 Volunteer Celebration Invite

LA2028 Volunteer Celebration Invite

Volunteer Testimonial Cards

Volunteer Testimonial Booth

LA2028 Volunteer Celebration Signage

Project Details

This event was celebrating the 1984 Olympic volunteers, who were an integral part of LA’s Olympic legacy. For this design, I utilized a sunrise gradient to call back to LA2028’s slogan “follow the sun,” and because the event was an early morning breakfast. I also illustrated the silhouette of the LA Coliseum, which was not only the location for this event, but it was at the heart of the 1984 games and holds fond memories for these volunteers. I also designed day-of signage, and an interactive stand where volunteers could read each other’s handwritten memories and see photos they submitted.

  • Client LA2028
  • Programs Adobe Illustrator, Indesign
  • Skills Illustration, Event Branding