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LA2024 Formal Invite

LA2024 Formal Invite Packaging

Design Intentions

This invite needed to be clean, sleek, concise, and unique. The invite was matte paper, except for the “LA 2024” letters that utilize a UV gloss coating, to make them really pop in print. For the envelope packaging I designed the structure and its 4-way opening to make a strong impression on the receiver, using a soft-to-touch matte finish. The packaging colors are representative of a sunrise, and are in line with LA2028’s branding. The closed envelope looked like a traditional envelope, and included the recipient’s name in calligraphy. I used a clean, white design on the exterior to provide contrast and surprise when the invite was opened to reveal a powerful gradient.

  • Client BuddyUp App
  • Programs Adobe Illustrator
  • Skills Branding, Logo Design, App Icon Design