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New Years Email Design

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Project Details

While working at Quigley Simpson, I designed emails for Fandango & their streaming platform, FandangoNOW. One of the projects I worked on for FandangoNOW, was designing several retargeting emails that would be sent to a user if they watched a movie in a popular franchise, encouraging them to watch the other films in that series. This involved developing the overall concept & design of the email, as well designing for multiple variables (movie watched, franchise, date watched, ect). For the most popular movie series – like the Avengers, Pitch Perfect, Spiderman, and more – we customized the design and copy to capture the essence of that film to excite the user in watching more.

One of the projects I worked on for Fandango was designing a year-in-review email to be sent to all users on New Year’s Day. This email was highly personalized and customized to each user, and therefore was a massive project including several variables to design. We captured a user’s movie watching behavior, including number of movies & TV Shows watched, favorite day of the week to watch, favorite device, most common viewing day of the week, most watched genre, and more.

For all of these projects, we used a mobile-first approach, designing for 320px wide and then scaling up from there, attentive to responsive design on all browsers, devices, email platforms, ect. I worked closely with the strategy team, art directors, and development team to participate in these projects from concept to completion.

  • Agency Quigley Simpson
  • Brand / Client Fandango & FandangoNOW
  • Programs Photoshop
  • Skills Email Design, Development Process, Basic HTML