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Connections Logo and Label

Project Details

Metcash was creating a new bottle of wine for their house label, called “Connections” as the brand would connect consumers directly to Australia’s best wine regions. This house label would live in all of Metcash’s franchise stores across all states and territories in Australia - including IGA Liquor, The Bottle-O, Cellarbrations, Duncans, and more. The brief was that this wine needed to look like a slightly higher quality than it’s price point but approachable and not too fancy - like a $15-18AUD bottle of wine that was being sold for $10-$12AUD. For this initial exploratory phase, I needed to create branding, a logo, and a wine label. The angles and backslashes that I used in this design all maintain a consistent angle degree, and the intent here is to use this exact angle for wine bottles and other objects in the graphics. A simple black and white pallet is used over the whole label, except for the pop-color of text for the wine region, so that the region can be the star of the show. The cap labels are intended to match the color of the region’s text and show the angled pattern branding element.

  • Client Metcash
  • Programs Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Skills Print Ads, Layout, Production, Pre-press checks, Print spec delivery